Project Description

Project “VEL CITY”, new dynamics in City of Veles

Project “VEL CITY” brings a new concept of urban center which generates a lot of features and provides new dynamic for a whole day in this part of the city. “VEL CITY” complex and its programs opens on all sides. In the lower part the dynamic comes from stores, service facilities and restaurants while the upper part is composed by two buildings with apartments that give dynamics on other parts of the city. Altogether the project brings new optimism that will extend into the wider environment.
The main expression element are two apartment wings starting with soft corrugated facade towards the street side and continue to the side that looks onto the park and from its terraces dynamics is made. This composition clearly marks the system of public and private space. Additional dynamic comes from the terrain relief that comprises a virile vertically structured basis. Red brick is significantly present in the area and because it is warm and is made of natural materials will be used for building facade. Strong volumes will be finely textured with brick in different positions which will make the whole building tremble in fine reddish tone.
The investor knows the pulse of the environment but also we bring our experience from many other projects. Project “VEL CITY” boldly and with sure hands fit on the needs of today but also carries the vision which will gushes with optimism for a long time in the city’s future.

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Project Details

Apartments: 84

Retail Stores: 24

Restaurants: 5

Kids Playground: 1

Doctor’s Office: 5

Parking Spots: 280

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